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June 23rd, 2014

Bathroom Makeover

bathroom makeover

Over the weekend, my dad put the final touch to our bathroom makeover. We’ve had wonderful contractors on the project for the past month, and it’s finally finished! While the room is still freshly new and squeaky-clean, I decided to capture it on camera. Here are the pictures, if you’d like to see…


bathroom makeover 0

We live in a typical semi-detached built in the early 1960s. And while all the other rooms have been renovated (throughout the 9 years we’ve been living here), this room was the last on the list.

The original tiles were black, pale yellow and pine green. And the old bathtub was made of enamel on cast iron (it’d be extra cold whenever I took a bath on those long Canadian Winter nights). It was definitely time for a change! And I’m thrilled with the result:


DSC_6708_2bathroom makeoverDSC_6705_2bathroom makeover 2DSC_6703_2bathroom makeover 7DSC_6697_2

My parents coordinated the entire project (usually I’d pitch in the colours or the designs, but this time they were on their own) and they did a great job! My mom brought the soap/toothbrush set from a trip to Paris earlier this spring. And now we have a fancy heating towel rail. But the biggest surprise came from the rotating shelf – which turned out to be half storage, half full-length mirror. Score!

Now I can’t wait to lug in my 1483729 beauty products, light some candles and take a looong leisurely bath…

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June 19th, 2014

Burger de Ville


Many times before I have passed by this Westminster location thinking “Damn it smells good” without ever stepping inside. Then, one day this spring, I decided to give the burger joint a go.

The small, modest restaurant is considered among the best in the city (ranking #1 in Urbanspoon’s Burger category). The family business prides itself on 100% Canadian beef used in the patties; “Always Fresh, Never Frozen!” is their motto. They hold three locations across town (St. Laurent, Jarry East being the other two).

The menu is small, with poutine, steaks and salads as options. They serve sodas and milkshakes but the endless free toppings section (think caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, harissa mayo amongst other things) is what really left me positively surprised.

I settled on Black & Blue – with bleu cheese, pepper crust and caramelized onions (and the standard lettuce and tomatoes). Monsieur picked the bacon + cheese with various toppings. They asked us the doneness of the patty, and three seconds later, the food was served.

My hamburger was delicious! (I sometimes catch myself daydreaming of its flavour combination). The bleu cheese added an unexpected pang, and the portion was just right. Side note: we shared a portion of fries and it was plenty. One interesting burger variation that my Mom would enjoy – the Mediterranean (with goat cheese, grilled veggies and black pepper mayo).

If you’re looking for an incredibly high-quality burger for a ridiculously small price, look no further. This place is the bomb.

DSC_0067burger de villeDSC_0066
Burger de Ville on Urbanspoon

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June 18th, 2014

We’re going to Turkey and Italy!

Were going...

Every year, Monsieur and I plan a Great Big Summer Euro Trip, like our relationship depends on it, and this year is no exception. In less than two weeks, we’re heading to Istanbul and the Amalfi Coast!

It was a pretty spontaneous decision: somehow in 3 days we went from (me) “Maybe you should ask for this and that week off” to (Monsieur) “Everything is booked”. And voilà!

I’m already daydreaming of juicy kebabs, creamy caffè lattes, sweet Limoncello, breathtaking landmarks and the Mediterranean Sea.

If you have any Istanbul/ Amalfi Coast tips, we’d LOVE to hear them! Have you ever been?

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