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April 10th, 2011

Queue de cheval

For our 5th year anniversary, Monsieur and I went to Queue de Cheval.
Queue de Cheval is a posh New York-style steak house, and I was expecting it to be intimidating to say the least. As we entered, a hostess walked us to our table, taking our coats along the way. Then, seated, our waiters brought us to the table the daily’s cuts: thick, prime, dry-aged USDA beef butchered in-house  of various cuts, giant shrimp and crayfish lobster displayed on a rolling table. I was dazzled by the thickness of the meat. But I was set in mind before entering this place, I was going for the Lou’s choice cut [20 oz]. At this point, cheating on lent was … an understatement.
As a side I chose a Idaho style baked potato and Monsieur took garlic mashed. With red wine the mix was a delight. My “cut” was beyond any steak I’ve ever had = I see why this place costs an arm and a half. When we asked for the dessert menu, they brought a rolling display of all the desserts on the menu and we dived into a “Death by chocolate” cake. Death, indeed.
I left the place, roses in hand, impressed by the service (waiter to ourselves – check, bringing-your coat-for-you-at-the-end-of-your-meal – check, making you feel like you’re on-top-of-the-world- check), meat-cravings satisfied… feeling like one hell of a lucky gal!
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