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February 25th, 2012


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February 20th, 2012



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February 15th, 2012

Olive & Gourmando

Perhaps the most “to see and be seen” pastry spot in Montreal, Olive & Gourmando is located in the Old Port, and with good reason.

Why olive- I don’t understand, but everything about the latter title is clear. Here is a bakery where reknown chefs Dyan Solomon and Éric Gigard ( previously having served oven time at Toqué ) don’t take shortcuts on quality. The always-packed eatery has, in the course of 7 years, gained quite a reputation. My first time here, this past November, as Anna and I were waiting in line, fellow Montrealer Karine Vanasse was picking up her order at the counter.

But to say that people come here for the hipster décor or the people-spotting would be preposterous. All the hype surrounding O&G is about their food. Having devoured pastries with Anna, this time I came for heavy material. And I brought Monsieur along. Two Grain-Fed Chicken Sandwiches later, we were in luncheon heaven. The guacamole, the mangoes, the coriander, the bread, ah the bread! Ours reminded us Indian Naan, but all the Cold sandwiches and the Hot panini choices are absolutely gourmando takes on classics, each with their own bread.

And then came dessert.

My mind was set on The Turtle bar. Monsieur’s mind, that day it seemed, was set on copying me. And the second my chewy sea salt caramel (with pecans, Valrhona chocolate ganache, rich shortbread crust and Maldon salt flakes!) touched my tongue, all the textures and flavours worked hand in hand to chemically produce… happiness.

Olive and Gourmando is a place where I’ll be coming back for more happiness. Just beware, there’s a pretty long line-up. You know, the word is out.

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