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June 20th, 2012

Chalet BBQ

Before I even set foot in this legendary rotisserie, I knew I was coming with a great advantage: my best friend has been working here for the past 5 years.

So me, really, I know everything.

Since opening it’s doors in 1944, the small but tried-and-true menu hasn’t changed. At Chalet BBQ, it’s all about the chicken. Whether you choose the leg, breast, or half chicken, you’ll get slowly roasted over hardwood charcoal meat that keeps regulars coming back for more.

This visit wasn’t my first and I brought friends along. First came the home-made coleslaw: prepared in house, it’s nothing close to the neon-green variety you’re usually offered elsewhere. Then Monsieur‘s tomato juice arrived (you have the choice of soup, tomato juice or any other entrée when you request a table d’hôte). Our meals came shortly after: Maggie ordered the breast, Monsieur took the half chicken table d’hôte and I asked for the hot chicken sandwich (white meat), all served with Chalet BBQ sauce and fries or baked potato. (Note: don’t take the baked potato, take the fries!). We attacked our food promptly, and it was delicious. The meat was juicy, the sauce not too salty, the home-made fries crunchy… You know on the spot why Chalet was voted Montreal’s best rotisserie.

We asked for chicken necks (insider information here) and found them pretty salty. And then, at last, we were ready for dessert. Between the pies and cakes the most popular one is the Boston cream pie but I insist you order the pecan. During our supper, my Monsieur kept telling Maggie “I don’t even like pecans, but their pie is really something”.

As your supper was coming to a close, my best friend joined us (post shift) and with a delicious portion of wings. Another important thing I forgot to tell you: their wings come with this dark, tangy sauce that is absolutely addictive. Needless to say, post dessert, we were all stealing wings.

As the diner was emptying up, I snapped some shots of the chicken-decorations filled interior. It was a simple yet delicious supper, and I know that whenever my friend stops working here, I will still be coming back for more.

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