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June 13th, 2012


Last Friday, for a very special occasion, Monsieur and I, graduation hat in hand, found ourselves at bistro L’Aromate.

On the ground level of the new hôtel St-Martin, in the heart of downtown Montreal, this upscale resto is one place to see. The interior is refined: high never-ending ceiling, a royal staircase, a fancy bar, white crisp-linen dressed tables and too many a business men.

The menu is filled with fancy: tian of vegetables… semi-preserved this…marbled that… molten goat cheese… basil emulsion… and we haven’t made it to the salad list yet! As it is lunch, and I have an evening of work ahead of me, we skip the vino and order the table d’hôte. I’m pleasently surprised to find olives in quality olive oil in lieu of butter to accompany the bread.

Then my Roasted fresh fig with Cendrillon goat cheese, port wine caramel arrives. Fairy tales aside, as I’m not goat cheese’s biggest fan, the appetizer is actually good. The bitter arugula complements the the sweet caramel very well. Monsieur’s mousse of chicken liver with Xérès is in his words good. (I don’t taste it as liver is the one thing I can’t stomach).

My main of linguine with duck confit, foie gras, mushroom fricassée and thyme demi-glace is a truly delectable dish. It’s a big portion (weren’t expensive restaurants supposed to serve small portions?) and I finished it entirely. Monsieur’s macreuse of braised beef with potatoes dauphinoise and crispy juliennes is equally well received. We sip on coffee, discussing this new big step in our life…

L’Aromate turns out to be the perfect place for our celebration… and I walk out with satisfaction on my face regarding the food, the service and ze ambiance. Next time, I think, I’ll sample their dessert menu. Perhaps after another duck confit linguine…

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