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July 18th, 2012

Aux Vivres

My first and only visit to Aux Vivres was exactly a year ago, yet now couldn’t be a better time for me* to blog about this vegan delight. Aux Vivres is located far far north on St-Laurent street. A dietician friend, no less, chose the location for our supper, and walking there, all I could anticipate was … bird food.

I know. Whilst Montreal holds limitless seducing dining options (all while celebrating cultural diversity), it takes a great deal of open-mindedness to settle on bird food  vegan cuisine.

So, I walk in, long time no seen and all… and scrutinize the menu. It’s boasting with Montrealism:  Greek this, Indian that, they’ve got hamburgers, sandwiches, smoothies, a Juice Bar, and even – brunch! We jump on cornbread with guacamole (super delicious), Saralina chooses the Gyro (souvlaki-style seitan, tzatziki, tomato, lettuce), Savvy takes a Kosmos plate (like the Gyro, but with salad, potatoes and rice) while I am left with Mekong wrap (grilled tofu, pickled carrot, daikon, mint, coriander, lettuce, Thai peanut sauce), and a filling vegan take on piña colada. Bird food Oh My.

What I remember most about my visit here, is forgetting the lack of meat/dairy/anything animal related completely. You’re seated amongst a super hip crowd, a far-cry from the yoga-in-the-park-devotee, hemp-pants-wearing hippies. You have a nutritious yet appetizing menu (they offer desserts, such as uncheesecake with a hot chocolate) at your fingertips and you feel great! Even Monsieur came here once, Monsieur who never misses the opportunity to skip meat during his meal, he loved it!

Ahhhhh…. Aux Vivres, if you weren’t so hard to get (far-away/ waiting lines in front of the door), I’d be your #1 customer. Come on everybody, say Ohm.

*you’ll soon know why

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