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July 11th, 2012


On a sunny Saturday evening, we sat at the terrace waiting for Laurie. If it wasn’t for Laurie’s orders (anytime, anywhere, as long as it’s healthy!) we probably wouldn’t even be here. I figured: healthy = salads = Greek food! Warm bread and quality olive oil was served.

Then our companion arrives exclaiming how the bus driver praised the greatness of this restaurant on her way to us. “Valet service, loaded crowd, the place to be … “ And then, Monsieur and I, with the same tone of voice, stopped her mid-sentence. Darling, you must be thinking of Milos (the famous Greek royalty of Montreal just a few doors down the street).

No, no, no, I’m telling you, he said Ferraris stopping right in front… Look!


And right that second, in our faces, a Ferrari arrives and a little man comes to park the car….


Monsieur and I stare open-mouthed. Point taken. We’re at the right place.

We order tzatziki (small portion) and a Greek salad to share. The salad of onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives, topped with feta cheese is fresh, and it has quality olive oil swimming at the bottom. We spread the creamy tzatziki on our second serving of bread.

Laurie and Monsieur chose Kotopoulo 1/2 Spasto Sharas(charcoal-grilled 1/2 chicken with oven roasted potatoes and horta), and while I was tempted by the varieties of lamb, I stuck to the day’s healthy mantra, and opted the grilled octopus.

My friends gush about how their chicken is good, I finally pose my camera down and taste my seafood. Grilled with shavings of onion, and served with capers, the dish is similar to the fresh and authentic octopus I enjoyed in Croatia, two months before. I’m particularly fond of the drizzle of olive oil in my rice, but my side of horta (or rapini) stays untouched.

While the restaurant is on the pricier side, it remains reasonable. The extensive menu is strictly Greek (from the salt on the tables to a good selection of Greek wines). Outside there is a lovely terrace but indoors, the place is huge! It even has live music playing. We leave in a hurry for the fireworks, but I’m left with a good feeling of coming back soon, and for a taste of decadence (red meat, good wine, dessert maybe?).

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