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July 5th, 2012


This discovery happened so spontaneously that I’m starting to think it was meant to be.

Friday at work, someone asked me about a great pizza place called Vinizza. As the name was foreign to me, I leave home thinking “how do you spell that”?

The lendemain, my mother exclaims a family outing for supper is due, the restaurant detective in me beams and 30 minutes later, we’re seated at Vinizza, coin Marché Jean Talon.

The décor is rustic, “80s Versace” as one review calls it at the entryway. I glance around and learn from a few press postings that here is the location with the best pasta in Montreal. The menu (of Northern Italy’s specialties) is short, but exceptionally well curated.

My parents decide on two appetizers each, while the young ones opt for pizzas. It is important I mention, food arrives fast. My mother’s eggplant and potatoes parmigiana (emphasis on the parmigiana) and wild boar prosciutto with figs on a bed of arugula is served along with my father’s grilled lamb chops and salad of tomatoes, onion and basil. I taste the latter and find it fresh and the tomatoes ripe. Of course, having a highly regarded market at walking distance helps. My parents love it, and the restaurant connoisseur in me beams some more.

Sister scores the best feed of the night: a pizza loaded with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts. And trust me, it tasted even better than it sounds. My pizza, on the other half, of red and yellow peppers, eggplant and zucchini with mozzarina tastes good, but I think it could have benefited from some pomodoro (tomato base). Another thing: next to my sister’s toppings explosion, my amount of vegetables was modest. Perhaps that was even a good thing, because suddenly I have room for dessert.

A pana cotta with raspberry coulis for my mother, a ricotta Nutella tart for sister and cannoli with ricotta filling for me, and we are in heaven. The pana cotta isn’t sweet and mixes perfectly with the sour sauce. My cannoli are light as a cloud. As for the tart, it was a world of it’s own, a true perfection, and half the reason I’m bringing Monsieur here in no time. The other half? The  pasta piatti.

A gourmet paradise, a great location, but there’s more: for every main course that is sold, the restaurant donates food to a person in need at Acceuil Bonneau. Isn’t that alone a great reason?

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